Guided Implant Surgery. What is it?

Dental implants are the first therapeutic option for those patients who have missing teeth. Implant treatment not only allows to recover the missing teeth without affecting the neighbouring teeth, it also helps to maintain the bone that would be reabsorbed with any other treatment alternative. However, for a dental implant treatment to be successful, it requires a detailed and personalized treatment plan along with an accurate surgical execution. The guided implant surgery is very useful to accomplish these demands.

But…what does guided implant surgery consist of?

It consists of a personalized digital restorative planning where the correct position, size, and shape of the future teeth are determined beforehand.

This information is combined in a specific software where the implantologist will be able to see what the desired prosthetic result is together with the bone quantity and quality. This will allow to select the right number and size of implants as well as their optimal location and angulation. Once this is approved by the implantologist a personalized surgical guide is fabricated by a digital printer technology.

The surgical guide will enable a faster, more comfortable and more precise surgery that will help accomplishing the desired final result.

Jordi Marques Guasch

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